Wines of the high quality

Parmawines propose the elite line of wines from hills of Parma and Emilia-Romagna region of the HIGHEST QUALITY. Wine is produced in the best Italian winemaking traditions using the sharma method, which allows preserving the varietal flavor and freshness of the taste. 
Parmawines has created a new approach to packaging that undoubtedly attracts attention, and in this way consumers will be able to enjoy not only wine, but also the process of discovering it.
The wines are accompanied By a QUALITY CERTIFICATE.
The tasting is performed, as well as for personal pleasure, also to assess the compliance with the characteristics laid down in the specification for the production of IGP and DOP wines in order to allow their marketing. There are numerous tasting methods developed by the various wine organizations, but all of them basically provide three distinct phases of sensorial analysis: visual, olfactory and gustatory analysis. The wine tasting consists in perceiving, identifying and evaluating its detectable characteristics through the sense organs, called "organoleptic characteristics" precisely because they are evaluated through the organs of sight and in this case we will talk about visual examination, smell and in this in this case we will talk about olfactory examination, taste and in this case we will talk about gustatory examination, and finally of tact and in this case we will talk about tactile sensation.
Red wine from the high biological value-food and digestibility of wine, which contains resveratrol, well-known compound widely used as a food supplement, is promoted among the red wines of excellence for healthy effects, demonstrating new anti-aging abilities of red wine, in a study published on Plant Foods for Human Nutrition. «In fact, in our research we have identified, in a wine containing resveratrol such as lambrusco, the ability to increase the proteins of longevity, the 'sirtuin' enzymes, SIRT1, in human renal cells. Red wine modulates the expression of anti-aging molecular systems, but this capacity is due to the whole matrix of components of the drink, so biologically active ". The expert states: '' Clinical studies are continually carried out demonstrating how food supplements do not give the desired results because it is only when they are present in their element of origin, that is in wine, that these substances are absorbed. A moderate consumption red wine of quality up to a maximum of two glasses a day, therefore contains a pool of natural substances that synergistically prove to be effective for health ". The wine, generally not graded, is characterized by a red foam, floral hints of violet and rose accompanied by fruity notes that recall the cherry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry and a characteristic freshness of taste.